makepeace hanging logo print samples

Squares and rectangles represent honesty, solidity, stability, and a balanced feel. 

The rectangle in the background represents the past, and the foreground represents the present. The long overlapping rectangles visually create the concepts of wide format and duplication. 

The transparency of the overlapping rectangles conveys the message of honesty.

Circles have no beginning or end, representing movement and longevity. They also represent commitment and community and give a sense of integrity and perfection. 

In this logo concept, the smaller circle in the background represents the past and the larger circle in the foreground, the present, and the future. The transparency of the overlapping circles conveys the message of honesty. 

In this logo concept, the stylized “M” within the circle is off-center, angled forward, and bleeding off the top right, representing progression, growth, and innovation. 

The three symmetrical lines together create the concept of unity and couching the smaller vertical line between the two larger ones, the concepts of security and trust.

This circular, flowing design shows movement, representing longevity and history. 

The brandmark represents a curling roll of paper that forms the letter “M.” 

The depth of the logo represents Makepeace’s comprehensive services, products, and core principles.

The boxes in this logo design have several meanings. First, they create the letter “M.” Second, they form three buildings in perspective - a reference to the AEC community that Makepeace services. Thirdly, they represent the ends of stacked boxes - a reference to the products part of the Makepeace business.

The letter “M” within the circle is created by a waving roll of paper, representing large format printing - a core component of Makepeace’s service offering. 

The softness of the rolling logo makes it approachable and friendly. The image is also an echo back to the original Makepeace dove brandmark.

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